Intercultural health info(IHI) is a voluntary organization that operates with information services to people with immigrant backgrounds, as well as health professionals who have regular contact with people of immigrant backgrounds.

THI will be the facilitator for people with an immigrant background receive the necessary health information in Norway.

There is information about health on the websites of public health institutions, NGOs and foundations. However experience shows that much of this information is not being communicated adequately to a good number of people with immigrant backgrounds in Norway today.

CEO Haile refers to her experience in health care that many minority backgrounds seek for information on HIV / AIDS, cancer and cancer treatment, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. There is a need for targeted information campaign and outreach to reach minority groups with such health information. Haile has been arranging several seminars and topic focused events in recent years with considerable success. The seminars involved especially health professionals with immigrant background.

IHI will strengthen its cooperation with health professionals. At the same time, IHI will actively disclose information that is available on the website of the Directorate of Health, NKVTS, HIV Norway, the Norwegian Cancer Society, Diabetes Association, Bufetat and other health agencies that focus on prevention.



Organisation no.: 916497997

Contact person: Wolela Haile – Manager

Tel.: +47 936 019 48

Adress: Brugata 1, 0186 Oslo