Cross-Cultural Health Info (CHI) was founded by WOLELA HAILE in the summer of 2015.
Wolela Haile holds masters in International Community Health at the University of Oslo.

Her master’s thesis was about communication between immigrant women living with welela haileHIV / AIDS
and health personnel, and the use of interpreters. Through her research, Haile has shown that there
is poor communication, a large lack of information and little use of interpreters in the meeting
between healthcare professionals and this patient group.

Haile has also worked in the healthcare sector for many years, both in somatic and mental health. In these years, Haile has experienced that patients and relatives with immigrant backgrounds do not receive relevant information sufficiently. In some cases there has been a lack of information that has contributed to the wrong treatment, and thus serious consequences for the patients and their relatives.

Wolela therefore wishes that cross-cultural health information will be facilitator and facilitates that people with immigrant background receive the necessary health information in Norway.

Today, CHI is a union which has 25 members, two board members, a chairman and general manager.

Do you want to contact us?

Tverrkulturell helseinfo (THI)
Organisasjonsnummer: 916497997
Kontaktperson: Wolela Haile, daglig leder
Tlf. 93601948
Adresse: Brugata 1,
0186 Oslo



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